Each tire you purchase includes computerized digital balancing, valve stem replacement*, and tire disposal. Our state-of-the-art tire equipment ensures your wheels are protected while we remove and remount your new tires. Our machines also protect the delicate TPMS(tire-pressure monitoring system) sensors that every 2008+ vehicle requires by law. Our road-force tire balancing machine determines the optimal position on your vehicle for your new tires to keep it driving straight and smooth.

*valve stem replacement not included on vehicles with TPMS sensors

Tires we can service:

  • Passenger-cars
  • Light duty trucks and SUVs
  • Medium duty trucks
  • Trailers
  • High performance tires

Our brands:

Here at Point Tire and Automotive we only use the best products for all of your vehicle repairs and that includes tires. Cheap tires wear faster, can impact your gas mileage, can be less comfortable, and have sub-par traction on the road. Our tires are tuned for drivers seeking responsive handling and grip without sacrificing tread-life and comfort.


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